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Until now, we have focused on meeting the needs of women at risk of sex trafficking belonging to the Karen community in Thailand, however, and due to the current crisis caused by COVID-19, we have decided to expand our scope of action and also collaborate in other vulnerable areas that are being especially affected by this health catastrophe, with the aim of continuing to work on them in the future and thus generate employment, training and connections that keep us united around the world.

Colombia, with a multidimensional poverty rate of almost 20% of its total population, also needs the reinforcement of all. For this reason, we have decided to use the experience gained in Thailand with the wonderful Karen women to create a similar support network in Colombia that will facilitate women at risk of social exclusion entering the labor market and obtaining study scholarships.

How does it work?

It is very easy, Óscar, co-founder of Kali-Ma, is Colombian and is currently in charge, among other volunteers, of going shopping for families. The products in the basket are basic necessities, basic balanced nutrition and disinfecting gels to maintain the highest possible disinfection measures.


In addition, those families with children receive specific feeds for babies and children, and a sweet surprise for those with a sweet tooth, they love it!

With the help of many people we have received, we have already been able to bring the first purchases to these families, but given the success of the project and the number of families and needs in certain areas called "invasions" we are able to achieve € 800 to continue feeding all of them.

Arisdys, together with Óscar, is a fundamental pillar to make this possible. She is one of the women who live in these communities, and is in charge of organizing more than 200 families, listening to them, learning about their needs and, together with Óscar, distributing food equally.

In addition, you can deduct your donation and deduct your contributions in the personal income tax (between 20% and 75% depending on your community).


Let's make it possible, let's be part of the difference. 

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