protect our planet, protect our tribes
What is Kali?

We are social business that aims to empower indigenous communities through training and employment. We support women in poverty and at risk of sexual exploitation by hiring them to make yoga related products. Profits from the sales of these products are invested into scholarships for younger girls in the same village. Thus, ending the cycle of poverty and sexual exploitation. 

Indigenous communities seldom have a strong voice in politics yet are extremely vulnerable to geopolitical changes. Often, policies can leave them homeless and without basic protections. Under these conditions, sex trafficking becomes a rather prominent problem for these populations.


By developing systems where women are self-sufficient and independent thanks to their work.

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We create awareness through the history of indigenous women by giving them a voice, giving them a space to tell their story.


Through university scholarships, we allow women access to job equality that affects the well-being of their community.


All the women we collaborate with are proud of their work, which enables them to create and develop under fair employment conditions.

Fair work
Our mission

Our mission and our goal is to be a conscious company, among ourselves, with business, people and the environment. We want to create awareness of the individual power we have to change realities and make the world the place we want. 


Relations within our company are human, direct and personal. We care about everyone’s welfare, needs and goals. 


Our production processes are respectful of their culture and the environment. We respect artisan processes and the work is done in rural villages, allowing women workers to be close to their homes and families.


This project is born from the idea of ​​three friends: Luna, Carlota and Marta, who being aware of the capacities, possibilities and benefits that we have for having grown up in the West. We think about how we can use these benefits to empower and help other women around the world who we have them.

The relationship with nature and indigenous communities are a very important focus for us, and we are also related and in love with the yoga community.

We would love to be able to expand this idea and support and help different women's communities around the world.

The whole process of this project is being carried out with a lot of heart. The organization was born with the honest idea and feeling of wanting to help each other, create connections between women in different parts of the world, support us, empower us and take care of ourselves.


We are currently focused on the Karen community. The Karen tribe is an important ethnic group of more than five million people that lives mainly in the State of Karen in Myanmar. They got there from Tibet and the Gobi dessert. Then, for due to a terrible policy of ethnic purification, many of them were forced to move to Thailand.


The Karen are an exceptional tribe, with a rich history, and varied languages and customs. Its culture embraces the connection with nature, an admirable attribute from which we have much to learn. Furthermore, their values of respect, family and simplicity are exemplar and can be seen in their day to day.


Until now, we have focused on meeting the needs of women at risk of sex trafficking belonging to the Karen community in Thailand, however, and due to the current crisis caused by COVID-19, we have decided to expand our scope of action and also collaborate in other vulnerable areas that are being especially affected by this health catastrophe, with the aim of continuing to work on them in the future and thus generate employment, training and connections that keep us united around the world.

Colombia, with a multidimensional poverty rate of almost 20% of its total population, also needs the reinforcement of all. For this reason, we have decided to use the experience gained in Thailand with the wonderful Karen women to create a similar support network in Colombia that will facilitate women at risk of social exclusion entering the labor market and obtaining study scholarships.

Our achievements

Kali is a conscious company that wants to create an impact in the world thanks to the ability that we all have to change realities. This year we want to thank you all for your support, enthusiasm and trust.

Thank you, because all this is by and for you. We have an immense capacity to make an impact if we want to do it, thank you for being a part.


Scholarships for university

Scholarship for Zoe, a Karen woman who is currently studying at the University of Hong Kong Politics and Economics.

University preparation scholarship for Arydis, a Colombian woman who will go to university to study Environmental Engineering


New Products

In Thailand:

Made by Lana with great care, a Karen woman who thanks to you has a job worthy of being proud of.

In Colombia:

Made by Arydis, that we provided her with a sewing machine and sewing classes to make bags with original fabric from Colombian culture.


New Volunteers

Volunteer program joined by 5 new volunteers who lived the day-to-day life of the Karen communities in Chiang Mai.


Yoga Courses

Yoga, meditation and personal growth courses online with a wonderful group of 8 people where we share unforgettable experiences.

Bolsa de comestibles

Family Care Covid-19

Support to more than 50 vulnerable families in Colombia due to Covid-19 with the purchase of food according to the needs of each family.


Collaborations with Companies

Thanks to the new collaborations with companies, like the one we currently have with the Shine group, who believe in change, wonderful women around the world will have free access to training courses approved by prestigious Spanish universities.