Our team

We are the ones who make this project possible that we are super proud of.

Each of us works in a different area, putting all his enthusiasm and dedication to make our dream a reality.

Luna Ausin

My name is Luna. I’m the co-founder of Kali Ma. Within the organization I’m in charge of keeping a strong relationship with the women that work for us, which I love because now I feel they are part of my family. 

This project has become an important part of my life and I love everything that Kali Ma stands for. I’m fascinated with our team, the empowerment and care of indigenous women and everyone that forms part of this philosophy. Together we can do extraordinary things.

Co - Founder & Marketing

Co-founder & Distribution

Carlota Lozano

I’m Carlota. For a few years I have been visiting Asia, enjoying its cultural richness, as well as deepening my spiritual yoga practice. All of which has brought many positive changes into my life. 

For these reason and many more, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the ideas that Kali Ma is supporting. It unites the world of yoga, female empowerment and the fight against sexual trafficking.

I’m co-founder and currently part of the legal team and the sales team. It brings me great joy to prove every day that working in a sustainable manner is possible, with infinite respect toward people and the planet.

Co-founder & Markering

My name is Marta, I am 26 years old currently living Madrid. I’m the co-founder of Kali-Ma.

I’m still in awe of all the things this company has achieved, everyday I’m more proud of all that we are building. I believe that feminism has no borders and that all women have the right to the same opportunities regardless of race or socio-economic status.
Alongside Oscar, I work in the marketing team. With much love and dedication.

Marta Alejano
Óscar Moreno

Co-founder & Marketing RRHH

I live in NYC and I work in marketing strategy, branding, raising capital, and recruiting new volunteers. I love my job, the people we are helping and the vision that we can help create a world where women are not sexually exploited.



Golo is a fundamental person in this project, his involvement with the community is seen in his daily work in organization and different classes in the area.


She knows perfectly the area, her house and knows how to value and act in the best way for the whole community.


In Kali, she does follow-up and translation work with the workers, and now she will guide to carry out field work such as carrying blankets, food or mosquito nets.

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Lana is our seamstress and designer. She is a wonderful Karen woman, and she is the one who makes all our products with original fabrics from the Thai culture.

She is a very fighter woman and with her salary she supports almost all the members of her family.


She now has a job that she is proud of.

We are looking for volunteers of all ages and parts of the world who want to join the family of change and achieve our goal. We will be happy to help you with any competition or ideas.

Feel free to create and propose with us!