Be the change you want to see in the world
Travel with us

One of our dreams is to be able to make intersectionality a fact and, for that reason, in addition to transmitting through communication the realities of lives that we are trying to improve, we believe that it is of vital importance to promote that all those people with the desire to create change join our team and travel with us to Thailand as
volunteers to get to know the project up close and internalize the society's need for well-being to expand globally.


We are looking for volunteers of all ages and parts of the world who want to join the family of change and achieve our goal.

Taking small steps together we can go very far, are you coming? 

Let me tell you five reasons to sign up now!

The culture

The Karen are an exceptional tribe, with a rich history, and varied languages and customs. Its culture embraces the connection with nature, an admirable attribute from which we have much to learn.

The real Thailand

Get ready to live a unique experience where you can enjoy the real Thailand.

Live as the Karen live and participate day by day in the tribe. 


Let's get adventours together!
Come alone or with friends and meet different people with the same values ​​as you. Be part of the Kali community

The place

Stay at Chai Lai, an elephant shelter in the middle of the jungle where Karen women and elephant-caring mahouts work.

This is heaven!

Your help

Your potential is endless!

You can do a lot to protect our tribes and the planet by helping the neediest communities. It will be a before and after in your life that you will never regret.