We empower others by empowering ourselves 
Yoga Courses


We offer yoga courses, training and retreats ether presencial and online.

We want to help you connect with yourself and your world through yoga, philosophy and other different techniques of personal development 

Yoga is a wonderful space of practice and experimentation in which one can be aware of himself and explore the inner world as the external world in total security.

In our practical and theoretical classes we invite you to discover yourself from other perspectives, together, sharing the experience with other people who share the fulfillment and joy of improving ourselves.

Whether you have experience with yoga or not, our classes are adapted to any level so that you can truly experience the world of yoga.

The courses have become a precious meeting space for people to grow and share.

Once the courses are finished, all those values and experiences remain in you, forever.

Your potential is endless. If you think you cannot meditate, you have not tried one of our guided meditation classes. Be surprised by yourself!


Whatever your level you are welcome. From those who do not touch their feet with their hands, to the most experienced yogis. We all learn from everyone!


Practice different types of yoga and discover its benefits. Choose which is the best for you at all times, repeating the online classes as many times as you want.

Yin Yoga

You will be in a safe environment where you can experience radical honesty with yourself and with others. In this circle of trust no one judges.



Me ha encantado el curso, la confianza que se ha creado en el grupo y la profesora Luna, me han ayudado a abrirme realmente e ir un paso más allá.