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We are social business that aims to empower indigenous communities through scholarships and employment. We support women in poverty and at risk of sexual exploitation by hiring them to make yoga related products. Profits from the sales of these products are invested into scholarships for younger girls in the same village. Thus, ending the cycle of poverty and sexual exploitation. 

Indigenous communities seldom have a strong voice in politics yet are extremely vulnerable to geopolitical changes. Often, policies can leave them homeless and without basic protections. Under these conditions, sex trafficking becomes a rather prominent problem for these populations.

We believe in women

Kalima is a solidary business  beyond the sale of products; we want to create awareness of individual power to change realities and make the world the place we want.

Nearly 1 in 3 indigenous women are  raped during their lifetime. We are all part of the family, with the common goal: empower women at risk of sex trafficking.

Help us to empower women to tell their stories, to believe in themselves, to see their own potentials and to chase their dreams.

We believe in women.


By developing systems where women are self-sufficient and independent thanks to their work.

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We create awareness through the history of indigenous women by giving them a voice, giving them a space to tell their story.


Through university scholarships, we allow women access to job equality that affects the well-being of their community.


All the women we collaborate with are proud of their work, which enables them to create and develop under fair employment conditions.

Fair work
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